Google Algorithm and Content Marketing: 5 Things a Budding Content Marketer Must Know About Google’s Algorithm

Google Algorithm is the technique adopted by Google to rank various websites based on various factors.  Google has continually changed its algorithm to make the ranking smarter and more helpful for the Google visitors.  The latest algorithm is now incorporated with artificial intelligence which favors content which is long, meaningful and user-oriented.

This has affected many content based websites in both good ways and bad. So if you are someone who posts content online, these are five interesting things that a content marketer should know about Google algorithm that could help them to make the most out of the algorithm.

1. Content Quality is Important

Google algorithm searches for content that has relevant keywords and as well as proper linkage to a related matter. The Search Engine Optimization [SEO] has been modified so as to rank content according to the quality of the content rather than quantity. In this way, in order to get the attention, you will have to form well-thought out plans and make sure that you add relevant keywords to make the most of the SEO.

2. Make your content more Mobile-Friendly

Since a majority of the readers are mobile users, there is a great need to optimize your content for smartphones.  Google algorithm tries to search for mobile-friendly sites as these sites are one of their major sources of revenue. To use this to your advantage, format your content to make it easier for smartphone users to read your content. This makes it easier for SEO to take note of your algorithm and rank up your content.

3. Make more detailed long-form content

When giving a title, Google algorithm tends to favor content marketers who incorporate a detailed title of what they are going to talk about. For example, the SEO favors the longer title “9 Indian Brands That are Doing Content Marketing Well“  rather than “marketing at XYZ “ when searching for “content marketing in India”. This is because it feels that the content will be more meaningful if the title is well structured. To benefit from this, try explaining your content as detailed but as compact as possible.

4. Keep the content fresh

Since Google algorithm searches for content from trillions of sites, it focuses on the new and updated content rather than what is long gone. In order to maximize the SEO, content writers are encouraged to write new and innovative marketing content that is bound to attract the SEO to their sites which will be good news to the writers and as well as the readers. Constantly updating your work is sure to make the website active enough for the SEO to rank it.

5. Avoid the following mistakes:

These are the avoidable mistakes that every amateur content marketer makes:

  • Duplicating content – content that appears on more than one page (Content needs to be unique.)
  • Automatically generating content
  • Affiliating pages that do not say anything substantial
  • Unauthoritative content – content that does not augment the general knowledge on a given topic

All in all, Google algorithm is designed to search for better and well-meaning content. Therefore it is the job of content marketers to analyze their ideas and put this into a systematic but appealing way in order to maximize the gains obtained from the optimization.

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