Google Ads Update: Google Revamping 3 Key Areas For Advertisers

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We all love to associate ourselves with something good. So do brands, who like their content to be advertised, thereby giving a positive impact for their brand image. Recently, due to an unfortunate turn of events, there were many companies who were not so lucky.

Companies that have teamed up with Google were shocked that their content was advertised on YouTube along with videos that did not give a positive vibe to their brand image. These videos gave a negative view of any brand associated with it.

This caused a serious backlash among various advertising agencies from the British government to companies such as AT&T. They realized that their content was being advertised on places that were sensitive and negative in nature that ranged from extremist propaganda to offensive content.

This outburst spread throughout the internet community as various other companies reported the same problem. Google taken aback by this vowed to change the way advertisements were displayed through their Google Ads update. In an official statement given by Google’s Chief Business Officer-Philipp Schindler-apologized for the error caused and the problems faced.

“Recently, we had a number of cases where brands’ ads appeared on content that was not aligned with their values. For this, we deeply apologize. “

He also went on to mention that Google will take revolutionary steps to control these incidents and hopes that this will never happen again. Interestingly enough, there were three distinct changes that the Google Ads update specifically pointed at that would be revamped in favor of advertisers.

1. Scrutinizing content and advertising policies

This shows that the new Google Ads update is capable of letting the advertisers decide when they want their content to be shown. This also means that they will be able to reduce the number of problems associated with the content delivered with the advertisements.

In other words, Google has promised advertisers that their ads will be showcased on authenticated creators. With this, it also tightens the grip on those videos which are deemed offensive in nature.

2. Raising the safety and control for ads

The new Google Ads update has facilitated more control to be provided to the advertising brands in the form of choosing where they want to advertise content. With the help of new tools, Google is finding a way to make sure that the brand image is not tarnished.

It aims to do this by changing the default settings so that companies are able to show where they want to showcase their ads. With this there are also changes to the way their account is controlled by excluding sites which have the potential to give a bad reputation.

3. Hiring more to protect more

Google has assured that they will employ more people to make sure that swift, but effective actions will be taken for this problem. With this, it has also enabled companies to experience more transparency and know where their advertisements are being shown.

All this shows that Google is there for the people. A setback was only a stepping stone for the tech giant to cross. This shows us that with a bit of apology and a means to correct the mistakes, you will be able to rise from a small hiccup.

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