First Rank In Google Search Isn’t The Only Parameter of Online Business Success. Here’s Why

In Content Marketing

In the digital era, every brand wants an identity. Grabbing the first rank in Google search considered as the best way to prove the popularity. But there are several myths associated with this idea. The companies invest their best to bring maximum visitors to their websites. But many times they end up disappointed.

Search Engines Prefer Big Brands

No matter how good your content is, Google drags you down on search page result. Because the brand name matters! For every product/service, Google will indirectly recommend reputed brands by listing them at the top. In fact, the top brands do not need to invest a great amount of time to boost their business online. But those who are venturing with pennies have to face the struggle. For startups, taking the first rank in Google search is a cutthroat task. In fact, building a great reputation on other media platforms will automatically award you better rank on search pages.

Social Media Leading The Race

The foremost aim of every company is to reach the customer. In the 21st century, folks are busy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So, banging your head for better SEO ranking is a bad idea. On the search engines, the possible buyer initiates a search. But on social media, brands can persuade the customer by approaching him voluntarily. Having a good number of followers on Facebook and other social channels is the best strategy to reach the niche market.

Google Algorithm As A roadblock

Algorithm is a clever move by Google to have control on the internet world. On September 23, 2016, Google introduced another Penguin update to penalize and prevent link spamming. In past, Google has released many updates and asked publishers to stop doing some of the activities which were considered fair in early days. However, such updates are there to make search engine results fair, but there’s no guarantee which tactics Google might consider putting in black list in future.

Unknown Ranking Factors

The problem with Google and other search engines is that they never reveal the exact parameters on which they award rankings to webpages. While a few parameters are known, many are still under wrap. Everyone these days is working on improving the same parameters and such practices are making it tough for new publishers to remain in the competition.

Beware of Black Hat SEO

All the companies are not following ethical practices to get first rank in Google search. The mirror websites, keyword stuffing, link farms and FFA pages and many other unethical tricks will help your rivals in stealing your idea and filling their pocket.


As search engine optimisation is a vast area and is full of uncertainties, one should focus on exploring the areas that are still less crowded. Content can be a powerful tool in engaging people with your brand. Whether it is social media channel or your own publishing platform, your efforts should be performance driven. Instead of waiting for first rank in Google search, one must focus on creating a quality content which can make his company customers’  favorite.

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