How To Find The Right Journalists For Your Company’s PR Strategy

PR (Public relations) strategy is all about brands building good relations with their audience. PR is a very important tool of marketing. PR is required everywhere i.e when you decide the logo of your brand or the name of your brand or even the tagline of any product of your company. The work of a PR strategy includes making and repairing the brand image of a company. So, in order to form relations with your audience, your company needs a medium and no other medium is as good as press release or news reports. And for this you obviously need right journalists. The following are the ways to find right journalists for your company’s PR strategy :


Firstly decide what your aim is, whether you want to get your brand’s name in the top most magazines or you will settle down with a little less famous ones. Once your aim is decided then you have to research a lot about the journalists of other companies. Observe that how they work. Go through the way they are working, if you can. The next step is to enquire about the journalists whom you are going to select. Record his details on a spreadsheet. Note down his name, email address, the types of stories he writes, the social account he handles and follow him on social platforms too. Also read his previous publications thoroughly.

Inside details

When you are done with the basic research you should try to find out more about him. You should see that what else he does besides writing articles. Review his profiles at the social sites he uses, to know more about his interests you may find that he is into a completely different field than yours. If this is the case, drop the idea of choosing him.

The journalists you are choosing for your company’s​ PR strategy should be passionate about your field. He should be interested in the area your company is working in.

Build relationship with them

As mentioned before, you should try to build your relationship​ with them by following them on different social sites. You can make your appearance by often commenting and sharing feedback on their articles. But don’t do excess of anything, because maybe it can form your wrong. And If he will be interested in your work area then he will surely notice you. And when you maintain good contacts with them, then in case of any help you can reach out to them. They will then easily help you as your company will be known to him from a longer period of time.

If you have done a proper research then half of your work is already done. That means you already have a list of qualified journalists. They will be the ones who will keep an eye on you and will surely give you a column in their newspaper or magazine. So, you should keep them close, build relationships then pitch your stories when the time is right.

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