Fighting Fake News: What Exactly Google & Facebook Are Doing

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Fighting Fake news is an urgent requirement of today’s world. The world is facing major problems because of it. Fake news is referred to the misinformation that is presented as a fact. It is not new for social media and search engines, but it came into limelight during the 2016 presidential election. It was claimed by some people that the elections were greatly affected by fake news or hoax which were making noise on Facebook and Google.

An advocacy group in America, Media Matters said that they will work with Facebook and Google to find the websites that spread these rumors and will ban them completely. This group serves as a watchdog for media. Their current agenda is to eliminate fake news which misleads the public all over the globe. Although both the companies are not saying anything about this matter.

Mark Zuckerberg, firstly stated that it was a ‘crazy idea’ that a small amount of hoax has affected the presidential election. But later he posted the various measures he will take to eradicate the fake news sites completely.

Fighting Fake news is a challenge for social media. It is also a big threat to democracy. When the JNU (India) protests were at the peak, slogans such as ‘Shut down JNU’ were trending continuously on Facebook. People on social media such as Facebook or Google do not give much importance in finding the cause of the issue but instead, they simply start following the news which is trending.

The other example is that the new INR 2000 currency notes contain a Nano-GPS chip. Many people went with the flow by sharing or forwarding it. But it is proved that it is also a hoax and is not at all true.One more example is the pictures of Indian soldiers killing the terrorists in the surgical strike went viral on Facebook when the pictures were not even connected to it.

Google and Facebook are fighting against this social evil as it not only misguides the innocent public but also reduces their ability to think. They are fighting fake news in the following ways:

  • Facebook said that the ‘trending’ section will now contain the stories that the Facebook-designated publishers are discussing about and not the users among themselves. The company says that it will prevent fake news carefully so that the freedom of the public is not damaged. The company even said that they will outsource an organization for curtailing the fake news or hoax.
  • Google has banned 200 advertisement publisher websites. Although the company is not yet taking the name of the websites.

So, social media platforms are trying their best to stop and eradicate it but the general public should also join the battle and start fighting fake news.

One should not act like a sheep and follow the rest of the flock instead one should make his own way by thinking logically and intelligently. It is not at all wise, to share and forward things which come to you, in contrast, you should go through the content and think twice that the content is real enough to share or not.

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