Everyone’s Adopting AMP, Why You Should Use It Too

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A large number of digital publishers​ now using an open source technology of accelerated mobile pages(AMP). According to this technology, the pages of your business website will open up very quickly on your customer’s mobile. The following are the advantages of AMP and the reasons why you should use it too :

AMP is necessary for good mobile SEO

AMP will help you to improve your website’s ranking. Everybody knows that website’s ranking can be increased when your website is mobile friendly because maximum people surf the internet from their mobile phones or tablets. AMP loads the website quickly and gives your customers a better experience. People often get irritated if the website doesn’t open by one click and they do not take pain to again click your website link. So, AMP will solve this problem.

AMP is so fast

You often face the problem that people come to your site but don’t stay for a longer period of time. They quickly bounce on the other sites. It means that there is something wrong with your website. The problem maybe​ that the link options on your website are irritability slow​ to open. AMP will open up the pages at the speed of a flash. This will enable your customers to surf your website for a longer period of time without any hindrance.

Use AMP to monetize your website

It is obvious that people want to earn money from the ads on their sites. And sometimes those ads only make the site too slow to load. Due to this, many users leave the page and often block ads. This means in the long run there will be loss in revenue. Use AMP to quickly load the sites even with ads. AMP gives publishers the ability to put ads on their accelerated mobile pages. So, your audience will not feel the need​ to block ads and in turn you will not lose the revenue.

AMP Analytics

AMP offers analytics. Analytics are the metrics that offer insights of a website. AMP analytics allow you to track important information about visitor counts, new versus returning users, clicks, conversions, video engagement, link tracking etc. It also built in support for Google Analytics. You can track three request values with AMP- page views, events and social interactions. You​ can track very specific data points.

So, these are the reasons you should start using accelerated mobile pages (AMP). It’s high time, you should improve your rankings by opting AMP. This will surely increase traffic on your website as people will love visiting your website links.

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