You work hard. You communicate and you try to leave lasting impression.

The right email campaign packed with information and engagement, works better than anything. With email campaigns you won’t convert every prospect on your mailing list, but it will increase your chances to get on their mind whenever they need something you offer. ContentPlant can help you plant those seeds to nurture leads.

Our unique approach, combining design, content and technology, is the key to producing engaging email marketing solutions for our clients

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What We Can Do

From building a strategy to developing engaging content and designing eye catching email template, we help you increase brand awareness, engage audience and deliver your message on right time and devices. Email bombarding can irritate people and is the wrong way to communicate. People do not love self-focused, too salesy email. Your prospects love simple, effective and clear sales pitch in their inbox. Who likes too much sugar coating? At ContentPlant, we craft emails and newsletters that educate, delight entertain people and encourage them for action.

Ready for strategic email campaigns?