Don’t Die In Anonymity: Here’s How Blog Writers Can Grow Subscribers

Every one of us has a lanky friend who gets fueled upon seeing the buffy Arnold Schwarzenegger or the charismatic Sylvester Stallone on screen and hits the gym. The craze lasts for about a week and gradually dies off. Same is the case with newbie enthusiasts who want to tread in the ever competitive world of blogging and become blog writers. But seldom do they have the required set of skills for blogging, and most of them continue to lurk in the shadows, under anonymity.

It can be called the effect of competition or the bane of this over populated world that everything has been commercialized. Even if one has the ability to craft top-notch blog content, it won’t do him much good because there would be no one to appreciate the work. And gradually, the spark and the flair would run cold, rendering our talented blog writer in a state of hibernation.

So this is a bellow, calling out to all the blog writers out there, come and make use of the assistance being offered here. Don’t die in anonymity, brave the rough tides and reach the shores, beyond which lie the glistening maidens. The maidens of success.

So let’s discuss the topic for today- How blog writers can grow subscribers?

Marketing Gimmicks- The core of the solution

A blog may have a beautifully curated content, but unless it has its share of viewers it is of no use, right? So the first task at our hand is to market and showcase our blog to the world. Just like the scent of the prey lures the predator in, experts would land on your blog . There are various social media platforms which one can use for promotion.

Just make sure that you don’t sound too cocky or rash.

Subscribe me- And smile, please!

The Holy Grail for any blogger is to get millions and billions of subscribers. Subscribers are like your followers comparable to fans of a celebrity. But then, a celeb has an aura, a charisma that draws in more and more fans. Blog writers have just their writing prowess to steal their reader’s heart.  And if they win over a person, he will end up subscribing to the blog.

However, blog writers need to be cautious on this front because sometimes when the subscribe button is visible in the forefront, many people find it cocky or brash. Incessant pop-ups reminding people to subscribe should be avoided. Maintain a polite backdrop. Not for once should the readers feel that they are being coerced to do something. But don’t complicate it, keep it simple and easy.

Rewards- Look what we have for you subscribers!

If by providing some luring baits, one can get subscriptions, then it shouldn’t be much of a concern for blog writers. These baits can be in the form of free goodies or useful resources which relate to the subscribers and scores a mark with them.

For example, providing free e-books or some useful courses can be thought of being given along with the subscriptions.

Guest Posts- Another great opportunity

As and how your blog becomes to get more and more viewers and by God’s grace, subscribers, a budding blogger must make contacts and invite some heavyweight blog writers to do a guest post on your blog. Once the brand savvy people would get to know that Mr. X wrote on your post, they would flock to your blog too.

And my dear blog writers, this is the most interesting part – all the publicity and the skyrocketing increase in the subscribers is yours to reap!

Having said that, this was one healthy discussion on how to get an augmented subscriber list for a blog. Blog writers must not fear, because blogging and social media is a thing that is going to stay. Just keep your fingers crossed, and wait for the tide of subscribers to arrive. Because they are going to come, and they will come in huge numbers.

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