Creative Slogan Writing: Evergreen Slogans And Their Stories

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It wasn’t a long time ago that there were people who made a difference. Things turned towards a brighter note only because they had the strength to bring a change.

Do you want to sound as influential as those people? We can help you but it’s you who needs to take the decision whether you’d like selling sugared water, or you’d want a chance to change the world. Creative slogan writing needs precision. Here are some evergreen slogans and their mark on the world.

#1 “American by birth. Rebel by choice.” – Harley Davidson

The line says it all. It was for the people who were American by birth and we’re completely rebellious by nature. Harley Davidson was very against what the usual bikes were and they attained a cult status very soon.

They showed people that it’s fine to be a rebel. Creative slogan writing needs something beyond what others are writing. So be unique.

#2 “The Ultimate Driving Machine” – BMW

Being one of the most extravagant car manufacturers, BMW has set its own class. Their slogan reciprocated sheer pleasure of driving which made the heartthrob! Nevertheless, the brand has unique craftsmanship which is worth every penny spent.

#3 “Eat Fresh” – Subway

In a world where people were eating every unhealthy food around, Subway stood out with their slogan. The line shows that they make everything fresh, from the fillers to the bread!

It has motivated people to eat fresh and have a healthier lifestyle.

#4 “Just Do It” – Nike

“Shoe Dog” Phil Knight, made world’s most successful sports brand Nike to pave his way towards being a Billionaire. The “Just Do It” campaign didn’t sell off shoes but it was glorifying the athletes who worked harder than anyone else.

This slogan was created by Dan Wieden of Wieden + Kennedy in the 1980s. The lines were actually said by a murderer awaiting execution.

#5 “Think Different” – Apple

The man who revolutionized personal computing, Steve Jobs and his “Think Different” campaign turned the world upside down and took Apple to completely new heights. Their “To the crazy ones” commercial was by far the most iconic one ever. The line was one of the most influential slogans of that era. Legend says that it was because Apple wasn’t innovating enough that this ad came into being. They wanted to stand out and they did. There’s no looking back since then.

Apple showed people that being different was okay, actually, it was better. They made people understand that it was the difference, that made the difference.

The way they used creative slogan writing was completely different than the normal ones. They made a connection. The most important aspect, if you can’t connect to the reader, you can’t do much.

So you’ve gone through all this but can you do as good? We hope you do. You can glorify these people or vilify them, but you can’t ignore them. So – Think Different. 😉

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