How To Create An eBook Guide To Help Your Customers Know More About Your Offerings

With the world now turning to the digital media, it is high time that content developers try to see what they can do with eBooks. This is one of the fastest growing communities present.  An eBook guide shows the best thing about your content and how this can change the view of the audience for the better.

So when you are looking to grow your marketing sales through and eBook guide, here are some things that you should keep in mind in offer to attract the right customers.

Freemium pays

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Give them a trial version of your offerings. This way they will know what they are getting. If they like the trial version, they are more likely to buy your product.

Once they have started reading, human curiosity will take over and they will need to read more. Use this to your advantage. In this way, have a catchy introduction, the kind that would grab the attention of the audience instantly.

Catchy cover

Pretty things attract attention. This is inevitable. This is a nifty way of attracting customers that are only just surfing through sites. A pretty, colorful and catchy design will make them stay and read. If they like it, they might even buy it.

Customers absolutely adore personalization

The best way to get people to know more about your eBook guide is to make it more enjoyable through some personalized message. Sometimes, the best way in making sure that people are going to swoon at your content is by going out of your way to personally invite them.

The smartest way to do this is by adding a personalized text or a popup that endears people. This makes people connect to the emotional side of you.

Add an intro video

Videos are more informative than any other thing you might have in your content. It grabs attention and your customers will not need to second guess what they can expect from you.

Keeping this in mind, it is nice to add a little introductory video showing how the content means a lot to you and how can the audience make it better. This marketing strategy leaves a lot of people wanting for more once they go through your eBook guide.

Balance between content and visuals

A picture speaks a thousand words. For this reason, it needs to be interesting if you want to attract customers. Add pictures and infographics to make it easier to understand. A point to keep in mind when including graphics is the ratio of it to the content. Don’t overdo it with either. The human brain is more trained to understand pictures before it starts processing words.

With so many things going on right now, people are more likely to just stop and stare for a little while before going about what they were doing before. Your eBook guide should be something that can grab the attention of many people and at the same time, retain them to see what you can do for them. This is the essence of a content writer.

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