If you can’t see the results, there’s no point in doing it

How do you know that your efforts in content marketing are adding value to your brand? This is one of the most important things to consider. We love tracking the performance of our work just as you do when setting any goals. When we develop content strategy, we set KPIs before we handover the strategy to you.


If you can’t measure it, stop doing it

We measure and analyse the success of content marketing activities performed by us for all the clients. At the same time we optimize the content and campaign accordingly to make sure every single effort makes sense and drives result.

Tracking the performance at content level, looking at the campaign performance that helps in determining whether the whole strategy worked or not. And at what level the strategy is working when compared to the valuation. The process is on-going because it is really very important to stay active when working on content.

Unique visits
Page views
Social Insights


Nothing can replace the joy of having a team that works closely with you, listens to your ideas and keeps the vision in mind while crafting business solutions for you. Measuring performance with our toolbox is a process that takes place on scheduled time periods to help our clients stay updated with the progress. Content marketing is a long term process so it is really important to track the performance.

We set benchmarks against many factors

  • Performance metrics of your existing content
  • Database Size
  • Your current traffic figures
  • Your audiences
  • Level of engagement
  • Conversion rate
  • Commercial goals
  • Social Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management Tools
  • Qualitative and quantative research
  • Brand ROI


Do you sometimes think of getting experts in your team to craft appealing content for you? Today, getting the right people in a team is one of the most challenging tasks. At ContentPlant, our group of creative and talented individuals love to help brands beat their competition and deliver the best to their audience. Not that we’re shouting our own name here, but this is how we roll.

Every single company we work with has its own unique needs, vision and challenges. That is why we plan unique design and content strategy for each client. Our process is one of teamwork and clear communication to deliver the best every time.

You have options but we are confident that working with us will help you stay ahead and successful. We love to deliver distinctiveness. Our team crafts content that have potential to connect, engage and convert.

Industries with the highest rates of content marketing adoption worldwide.

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Let’s discuss the opportunities – before you hit the launch button.