The Secret To Win The Content Marketing Game

Guess what? 89% of brands are using content marketing. However, many brands get confused between content marketing strategy and content strategy. One more thing, many content marketers find it hard to distinguish between content strategy and content marketing strategy. Well, the line is somewhat blurry but they are different.

Using content to deliver effective, engaging and memorable experiences


What is Content Marketing Strategy?

When we say ‘content marketing strategy’, we focus on our proven methods (Content Strategy Process) to engage your target audience using content we develop to drive profitable activism. You can read more about our content marketing strategy here.

What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy digs deeper into creation, development, amplification, and measurement of attractive, engaging, informative, and useful content. A content strategy helps you manage your content as an asset for your brand.




What We Do?

When we talk about designing a content strategy for you, we mean that we’ll give you a high-level vision that will guide future content creation and it will deliver profitable results against your business objectives. There’s no place for doubt.

Our content strategy eliminates the dullness of marketing by defining the process for producing a constant flow of content planned to engage, educate and encourage buyers across all phases of the buying cycle.

How Do We Do It?

We’ll put together a strategic plan keeping Your Brand Story (Link Find Your Brand Story) in foundation. Then we will bring out a comprehensive operational plan to take the project forward.
Our process has a difference because it’s proven and pretty cool of course. It has made many smart marketers fall in love with it.



Keeping Your Brand Story in mind, we focus on the goals you have for your content plan, unique values you are planning to add through content. We also analyse and outline the opportunities and challenges your brand may encounter as the project goes ahead with the content strategy.



Many brands forget to include this phase while crafting content strategy. Company research plays a vital role in making the future of a brand. It helps you uncover the truths about your brand. We audit your existing content and its performance to ensure we make a right balance for usefulness and impact.



This is where you describe the specific audiences for whom you will create content, what their needs are, and what their content engagement cycle might look like. You may also want to map out content you can deliver throughout their buyer’s journey in order to move them closer to their goals.



Just as the clients we work with are different, content strategy for every business is unique. We have developed a framework that helps us craft the flawless process. Here we will establish the voice for your company and consumers. The content plan will be mapped against the journey of your audience to ensure we’re communicating with them effectively, at every stage and building relations.



We know how to develop content for different channels. If you are ready for an exceptional change we are here to bring people closer to your brand with quality content. From designing visual content to creating text content for your brand, we know how to craft memorable content that your audience will interact with and share.



Brands create content but what good is high quality content if it can’t find the audience? If your audience is unable to find your content, you cannot expect positive results. This is why we optimize content by providing the well-suited data that search engines use to determine your rankings.



Allocating the most suitable channels for distribution and amplification that include both organic and paid opportunities, we make sure that content will get in front of more people at the right time. We’ll also help you tap into third-party amplification tools. What your brand will get is people’s attention and activism, which, in turn, leads to brand awareness and greater conversions.



A very exciting stage where we curiously wait for the performance statistics of the content we develop. Here comes the second level of optimization. Here we not only optimize the content but the overall strategy measuring the success of your content strategy. Here we measure website statistics, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) metrics social media performance, subscription rate and total performance of strategy.


Handing Over The Key

Just after giving the final touch, we hand over your content strategy to you. To make sure that your content strategy is fully functional and ready for implementation, we provide you with the necessary details about the budget, resources and investment.

You have the key. You can use it the way you want. You can implement your content strategy internally or you can hire some random people to implement it for you. Or you can simply give it back to us and feel confident about the success. Rest assured, we do this every day, and we will win the battle for you.

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