Content Marketing In India: What Startups Need To Know When Entering The Market

The rise in smartphone usage has opened many opportunities for content marketing in India. As more and more people are being attracted towards internet enabled mobile devices, there are things that marketers, especially those who are new to the market should know. The digital growth of the country in mobile market is exceptional, but internet is still out of reach for many. There are opportunities and obstacles when it comes to content marketing in India. Here’s what businesses need to know.

Do Not Miss Indianness

No matter how much professionalism you want to show in the business, when it comes to conveying brand message, you need to speak in customer’s’ language. When a startup enters the market, they need to face various obstacles. Especially with content marketing in India and for Indian customers.
Example: An ad by Google India.

Indian customers feel proud when a brand communicates in their language. This has been a proven tactic in the Indian market. When a brand conveys a message wrapped in Indian culture with a little social and personal touch, it pulls more attention automatically. Indians are one of the biggest consumers of online and offline content, and the formula should definitely work for your business unless you miss that Indianness (Desipan).

Customer Experience

High class treatment is what Indian consumers want. Treat them well, communicate and assure them that you understand cultural values, their interests and respect their social structure very well. It is undoubtedly challenging to learn all these things, but once you learn it, you can deliver the best possible customer experience with your content and it will undoubtedly be reflected in your offerings.
Example: An ad by Amazon India.

Be At The Right Place & Be Responsive

When you start a business, you just want to spread the word on all the social media platforms for more visibility and brand awareness. Before your end up creating multiple social media profiles, make sure you strategically plan this part. Bringing your new business to multiple social media platforms is a good idea, but you need to make sure that you have people who will consistently manage your presence on these networks.

You may have seen businesses using different social media channels, but if your target audience is limited to the country or a state or a city, make sure that you choose the platforms where your audience is. Check the statistics and social media platforms Indians use the most. Here you need to consider your target audience as well. If your target audience is youth, you might easily find them on Facebook, but if you’re targeting people from the age above 40-50, you might want to consider some other channels as well.

The Language

Most of the people these days prefer English in India, but as a culture rich country, India is a land of many languages. Creating content in all the languages may turn out to be an expensive deal, but there are ways through which you can make everyone understand your brand’s message easily. All you need to do is to keep the right tone and powerful content to break the language barriers.

Blog More

Blogging is something a majority of brands are missing. Many businesses do not even have a blog page in India. So if you are a newcomer and want to establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry, blogging can be your best long-term strategy to overcome the challenges while educating people and building your audience.

Content marketing in India is in nascent stage, as businesses have started realizing that content marketing is not advertising. It is something that supports the business in the long run while adding credibility and more authority to a brand.

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