Content Marketing In India: 3 Mistakes Businesses Are Still Doing

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Content marketing needs no introduction in India. But the question, do Indian brands know the true meaning of content marketing? Content marketing in India is surrounded by myths and assumptions. Every brand dream to reach the top by winning more and more customers.

3 Mistakes In Content Marketing In India

1. Preferring Quantity Over Quality

Content marketing in India is not really effective because Indian brands are focusing on quantity. The bulk information has nothing to do with the reader unless it has something valuable. As we know, reader’s time is very precious. The successful marketer has to deliver a quality content which will satisfy the reader’s needs. Content has the power to persuade the reader.

The Indians brands are failing to recognize the needs of the reader. They are not giving importance to the socio-cultural background of the audience which creates the difference in perception. Most of the contents are not framed beautifully. Readers get distracted due to the increased use of technical terms, irrelevant examples, grammatical errors and unrealistic ideas.

2. Following The Crowd

Content marketing in India is lacking creativity. Since brands are targeting the global market, a cutthroat competition is unavoidable. Though there are several content marketing companies in India, the readers choose the one who is unique. Most of the companies rewrite what their rivals have already published or they just follow the same structure. Readers are no longer interested in eating the same food in different plates.

For Indian brands, the sole intention of creating content is advertising the brand. There is nothing wrong in telling your brand story, but the reader is looking for information. To get a simple thread of information, the reader has to invest hours on brand’s website. If content marketers put his legs inside the shoes of a reader, he will realize where exactly he is feeling the pain.

3. Wrong Content Marketing Strategy

Sometimes brands create great content but fail to reach their target audience. The main reason is not knowing the right platform to promote the content. Content marketing in India is limited to search engines. Though the highest number of readers are on social media platforms, Indian brands are less interested in social media. Facebook has become synonymous with social media in India. The brands must come out of this wrong thought. There are thousands of social media channels which are untouched by Indian brands. Utilizing them can bring better result. Creating same content for multiple media will not hold the brand. Indian brands use the same content for mobile, social media and websites without analyzing the nature of media.

Content marketing in India has a lot of scope. The sad fact is Indian brands are not open for innovation. Brands develop cold feet about innovation if they did not to get the expected results in their first attempt. The power to think critically and courage to innovate something new will help the brands to be successful in content marketing.

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