Content Marketing In India: Top 10 Social Media Channels For 2017

Content marketing in India is growing and progressing at a great speed. As everybody knows that storytelling is a traditional practice in India, that is why content marketing in India will be at its best when told as a story on social media.

To understand it better let’s take an example: A company that is selling woman based products should use stories of women empowerment in their online advertisements or blogs.

Nowadays there are many social media platforms available to publicize your product. Here are 10 well known social networking channels that are going to be more popular for content marketing in India in this year 2017:

1. Facebook

Facebook can be used in different ways for promoting your product. You can find tools of content marketing i.e a creative blog story so as to attract customers, in addition to it you can post photos, videos and even utilise the Facebook advertisements to promote your page or blog. With the help of page insights you can easily find out the number of audience who are actually interested in your product.

2. Instagram

Content marketing in India is mostly done on Facebook so if you will start the content marketing of your product on Instagram then it will make your brand more popular and unique.

3. YouTube

Today’s youth spend most of their time on YouTube and that’s why you can attract them easily by uploading creative, attention seeking videos. You can also tell them how to use the product which is for sale and the solutions to their problems that the product which the product will solve through video.

4. Twitter

The learned population of India uses more Facebook as compared to other social networking platforms. So, content marketing of your product on Twitter will publicize your brand amongst the elite class.

5. Google+

Google+ or G+ is not so popular as Facebook or Instagram but has a good number of loyal user members. G+ is a very good channel for content marketing & will surely become more popular this year. This is because of the various features present in it. It can boost your company’s rank as well as the other statistical details of your company.

6. Pinterest

It is a new concept based website. You just need to create your business account on this website and secondly you need to build your boards around the interest of your target audience and your work is done.

7. LinkedIn

It is a platform that allows you to hire people to work with your company. You can advertise your product in order to get publicity and get employees for your company.

8. Snapchat

Snapchat has a bright future in 2017. As, this channel has developed new features and made itself more creative. Content marketing can be easily brought into work by sponsoring a celebrity for advertisement videos of the company. This provides more uniqueness to the brand advertisement.

9. Tumblr

It is a simple platform owned by Yahoo, is meant for writing blogs. It is a perfect place for content marketing. You just have to paste a powerful picture and write an innovative blog that’s it.

10. Flickr

This website is also acquired by Yahoo but it is basically a place where you can share photos and videos. You can make your brand popular through unique photos and videos of your product. It is not that famous in India but will surely rise high during this year.

So, these social media channels will definitely rise high during the year 2017, and will provide a vast base to content marketing in India.

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