Content Marketing In India: What Can We Learn From Global Brands?

Content marketing in India plays a very crucial role in this digital era. It is very necessary for the upliftment of global brands of India. Content marketing means to give valuable information about a particular product to the customers through an excellent content. Global brands are the brands which are known all over the globe. Content marketing in India is especially more needed for the global brands of India, as it enhances and increases the value of them in the international market. Some global brands that use strategy of content marketing in India are listed below:

1. Samsung

Samsung is a company that always uses an inspiring content marketing strategy. This brand was also ranked as 7th in Interbrand’s Best global brands 2016. It’s latest approach is to use foursquare for a much stronger mobile connection to promote its brand. This brand has already created its image in the customer’s mind and is still trying to make itself more better.

2. Tata group

Tata group is a very well known brand and it also has a great marketing strategy. Its alliance with Japanese telecom DOCOMO was marked as an effective strategic move their approach to content marketing is that the content should be effective, unique and outstanding so as to engage the customer’s attention.

3. Colgate

Colgate hires specialised content marketers for writing excellent articles. One of their famous blog was ‘how to fight bad breath’. They believe that just booking a space on TV channels for advertisements is not at all enough. One has to do extraordinary content marketing in India to make his business survive. This brand time to time launches different campaigns for their publicity. It also showed a lot of research information on their blogs, newsletters and ebooks etc. And their result for this approach was obviously positive.

4. Lux

Firstly this brand only sold soaps. Then they noticed that their sales are declining. So they immediately made changes in their strategy and bought different variants of soap, also introduced shower gel. They used content marketing strategy by the endorsement of celebrities for their different campaigns. And this resulted in an increase in the sales of the brand.

5. Maggi

Maggi’s strategy is the best example of content marketing. “Meri Maggi- 2 minute mein khushiyan” slogan was a big hit. In the previous year, they tried really hard to regain their reputation by launching a big campaign. After many of the efforts Maggi regained it’s position back.

So, as it is seen that the global brands also need to put continuous efforts to remain in the market. Content marketing in India is not an easy task as there is a lot of competition here. Each and every brand is trying to put its best efforts in advertising, blogging, campaigning about their brands for achieving the desired results.

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