Content Marketing In India: 5 Tips To Identify Your Audience

There are lots and lots of challenges in the whole process of content marketing in India and identifying the audience is one amongst them. It is a very tough task to know the audience of your product/service in the present scenario. One can easily overcome this barrier by following 5 tips. These tips will not only help you to identify your audience but also will help you to improve your public image.

1. Know your product/service

You should have full knowledge of your product to know who your target audience is and to know the taste and preferences of your consumers. The product which you are going to sell or services you are going to provide is suitable for which gender, age group etc. One should know how to utilise the pros of the product so as to grab the attention of the consumer. Some Indian brands are taking content marketing in India to great heights.

2. Customers first

According to the modern marketing system, ‘Customer is the king’. This is because a business can only be successful when the need of customers are fulfilled. So, first understand the problems of the customer that your product or service can solve. Then when you are writing your content, focus on the solutions to those problems, not on the features of your product. Most of the companies nowadays just focus on the features of their product and keep writing about them in their blogs. And that’s why they suffer huge losses.

3. Creative Ideas

Content marketing is a strategy which states, giving relevant information about your product to customers through blogs, social media, campaigns etc. So, the result will be better if more creativity is involved. By the use of ‘hashtag # campaigns’ and ‘live videos’, the company can form a connection with the audience. It is necessary for a company to emotionally connect with the audience to know their mindset better. Content marketing in India is witnessing a lot of new innovations. Many brands are not able to get expected results even though their idea was very creative. Rather feeling disappointed, one must try to identify the loophole and should not repeat the same mistake.

4. Observing your competitors

It’s always better if one learns something from the mistake of others. In order to avoid those mistakes which your competitors have made, you need to go through their case studies, surveys and SWOT analysis, etc. In this way, you can easily know the needs of your customers.

5. Feedback

To know your customers you need to know what they think about your product or service, are they satisfied or they need some improvements in your product. The best way to get the customer’s response is through surveys, feedback forms or a salesperson can directly talk to the customers to know their response.

The above-mentioned tips will help you in identifying your audience. Knowing your audience will help you in delivering better service. One can also increase the customer base and can uplift the brand image of his company.  There is a great scope for content marketing in India. Few startups have realized it already and also utilising multiple tricks to reach their audience. Tomorrow is too late, take the right action soon!

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