Content Marketing In India: 5 Tactics That Never Fail To Attract Indian Customers

India is a land of diversities. Never can you find a thing that doesn’t exist in India. Ranging from children to markets. There is a plenitude of them. And when the common man stumbles out into the market with his wife, chances are that he is going to get terribly exhausted.

See, Indian markets are very cheerful and splashy. And typical Indian wives flock to sales and nothing can deter them from what they think is their birthright- bargaining. The typical wives will haggle with the shopkeepers until they think there is no further scope left. And even then the odds may not favor the shopkeepers and the buying may not take place at all. Indian husbands don’t get bald like this only.

So we see India offers very difficult pitches for businesses to bat on. It is not easy for content marketing in India to gain popularity overnight and become a fan favorite. It needs marketing strategies especially crafted for the Indian crowd. Recognizing and capitalizing on the soft spots of the Indian mass is a tough nut to crack. But it’s time to become the ultimate nutcracker now.

Come and embrace the 5 tactics that never fail to attract Indian customers.

1. Get Star-studded

India is a place where Bollywood actors have a lot of followers. These followers who are like devotees of the celeb will do anything that the ace would ask them to do. And if there’s a particular brand being endorsed by our hero then it is going to be famous like fire. Popular heroes have been seen endorsing products like health drinks, soft drinks, and other apparel brands. And it has been seen that the sales of the brand get affected by the fluctuating popularity of the star. Content marketing in India was never easier than this.

2. Never stay out of the limelight

Once you get the attention of the targeted audience, try staying there. Because there is a colossal competition in India in every field. Release TVCs, roll out meaningful blogs and keep on the marketing. But make sure to never get out of the loop. Once people forget you in India, it would be difficult to cope with the oncoming contenders. Use every possible platform to advertise your wares. The digital media can provide you a plethora of opportunities such as Social Media marketing, blogs, and website. But it gets restricted only to the tech-savvy younger generation. So to reach out to the masses, you’ll have to resort to newspapers and magazines. However old it may feel, it still works charmingly in India.

3. Don’t hurt the sentiments

India is a secular and republic country. But if the matter boils down to something sensitive, then mass demonstrations can burn you down at a national level. And this advice must be taken at its face value. So proof-check all of your strategies before implementing them. Content marketing in India is not that easy as it seems.

4. Advertise low prices, give them the world

In India, that which is cheap sells a lot. That is why a Vada-pav stall in Mumbai is more frequented than a 5-star hotel by the average Indian. So when you’re with your content marketing think tank, concocting the formula for success, make sure that they stress on value for money. And even value for money is not sufficient. Indian markets demand the world at the price they’re paying. So tighten your belts.

5. Give it the international touch

Indians love to be connected to the ‘imported’ tag. The first flight selfie needs to be posted on Facebook and Instagram. So you can deduce that people here love to flaunt. Content marketing in India needs to be a bit unique and not at all mainstream. By glorifying a product with fanciful words and tracing its origins to some exotic place across the globe, people will look at it with reverence and likely to buy it.

India is a place that never fails at surprising you. You’ll never know which of these strategies might work out for you. So go out and dare to dream. Consolidate your place, get endeared in the hearts of people and see how they raise you on their shoulders. Since the world knows that India is incredible so why shouldn’t content marketing in India not be?

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