Content Marketing Guide: How To Plan An Editorial Calendar In Just 10 Minutes

Content writers, content marketing companies, bloggers, business or public relations managers use editorial calendars to plan and schedule the publishing of content. With the help of an editorial calendar, everything can be neatly planned and followed as per the decided schedule, from the thinking and brainstorming of ideas to creation and editing of content followed by its successful publication or broadcasting on different platforms like newspapers, newsletters, media, and social media platforms.

Anyone in the business of content marketing is familiar with the importance and necessity of an editorial calendar. Designing an editorial calendar can be challenging and also time-consuming. It can tend to be quite a bit laborious and tedious and if not designed properly, the editorial calendar can also become erroneous and lead to a huge failure of the business. However, a proper editorial calendar can be designed under the guidance of an effective content marketing guide.

By following the basic steps mentioned in this simple yet impactful content marketing guide one can easily plan out an efficient editorial calendar in just a few minutes. Sounds dreamy? Well, it is real. Planning the perfect editorial calendar in just ten minutes is completely plausible if one studies and follows this content marketing guide.

It is very important for all content marketing companies to have a properly functioning editorial calendar. An editorial calendar essentially helps in the governing the publication of content over different channels and platforms and is a crucial part of any content marketing firm. Through the content marketing guide, an editorial calendar can be planned using paper, spreadsheet, or a software designed specifically for this purpose.

A rough sketch of the publication process undergone in any organization consists of the four basic steps: Thinking of ideas and deciding the schedule of the publication and the preferred platforms, creation of content to be published, editing of the content that is created and finalized for the purpose of publication and finally the publication of each and every selected piece of content. For the active completion of these activities, the editorial calendar has different structures and components which are the story ideas, the production calendar which decides the dates of producing the content, the published content and the style format and glossary.

For planning the ideal editorial calendar, following steps from the content marketing guide need to be adapted:

1. First, all the important dates should be identified and noted down. The important dates include the date by which the content should be created and submitted, the editing date, and the dates on which the content pieces will be published in a periodic fashion.

2. Along with the creation of periodic content, the evergreen content should also be given a thought. This content will help a content marketing company to keep readers revisit and to stay active the whole time.

3. After the identification of the dates and the creation of the content on the defined date, the editorial calendar should be equipped with all the details, from small to big. The details also include the style format decisions and the glossary terms to maintain a uniform tone. The calendar must contain every detail for the effective tracking of all the activities.

4. At last, some spaces should be left out in the calendar to make it flexible and functioning according to any last minute changes.

By following the above steps one can plan out the ideal editorial calendar in just ten minutes.

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