SEO feeds into lots of things we do

When you take some steps to succeed with content marketing, take a few more steps to help your brand succeed with search engines. At ContentPlant, we weave some SEO best practices into your content strategy that makes your brand more impressive in the eyes of search engines, boosting your website rank in search results.

Mobile internet traffic as percentage of total web traffic in May 2015, by country.

Nigeria 76%
India 65%
South Africa 57%
Indonesia 57%
Poland 52%
Turkey 39%
Iran 38%
China 30%
Japan 30%
UK 23%
Italy 22%
USA 22%
Germany 17%
France 14%
Russia 11%

Natural Keyword Usage

Shame on those SEO service providers who kill the quality of content with unethical keyword stuffing and put the brands at risk. It is wise to be wary of such companies.

Ever since one of the major search engines Google started changing its search algorithm, use of keywords started losing the charm. It doesn’t mean that search engines do not entertain the use of keywords, but they prefer quality instead of massive bombarding of keywords.

At ContentPlant, we identify your major keywords for the content and their supplements in form of additional relevant keywords. We make sure that your content includes those keywords. We put them in places where search engine actually appreciate their usefulness.


Using relevant content improves the overall user experience, which increases CTR (Click Through Rate) and improves your position with search engines.

The strength of our marketing strategy is in giving what your audience is looking for. To make sure that people can find it, we use ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics to help your brand in terms of higher position in search results.

Earning natural links for successful SEO Campaign

You may have seen companies selling and buying links. Many SEO providers think that they can fool search engines by doing all these things. Well, this is not the way things work. Such things have never worked for anyone. Spammy links actually hurt your site and lower down the overall brand image. At ContentPlant we have built strong connections that will love to link and share your content. Links from such high-quality websites will absolutely give your website a great boost.

From leads to sales – An exciting journey of content marketing with SEO

Widely accepted as the marketing tool of this age, Content is a highly sought-after method of marketing– and with many incredible reasons. When planned and executed well, content marketing can make great change within a short period of time. It communicates complex ideas clearly in very less time allowing brand to develop enduring relations with their customers.

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