Content Marketing & 5W 1H: Why Your Company Needs This Combination

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Content marketing strategy can be made more effective by using a journalist’s formula of 5Ws and 1H. This combination straightforward gives all the details to the audience. This combination is the basic format that a journalist surely follows. 5Ws and 1H are the acronym for what, why, who, when, where and how. These are the questions which are most important for a journalist.

Corporate world also needs this combination to make their content crisp and to the point. This results in increased number of customers. Here you have more information about 5Ws and 1H which will help you in creating a great content marketing strategy.


A company needs to give a vivid description of the product they are selling in their blog. One should describe all the features and functions of the product. Basically, this word tells you to mention the basic details that include name, model number, price and expiry date(if required) in your content marketing article.


In content marketing, you will tell about your product/service and its usefulness. You should tell your customers why they should choose your company’s product over the other companies. It will be nice if you can inform your customers that why you thought of making that product i.e what was your idea behind it.


A company should always give credit to the one’s who helped in the making of that product. The name of the whole team should be written in your blog. Special credits should be given to the person who gave the idea of making that product. So, a company should tell it’s customers that who has made that particular product.


You should also tell your customers from where they can purchase that product. You should inform your readers the various mediums through which they can purchase that product. If your product is available online, you can mention the name of the website. You should write the exact location where the product is available. A company should tell it’s customers the special stores(if Any) where firstly the products will come.


A company should tell the date on which they launched their product. A customer should be informed about the date when the product was launched. You should also tell your customers from when the product will be available in the local shops. Mention the accurate dates in your blog.


Lastly you should also tell the customers that how the product works. You should briefly explain the working of the product. You can use your blog to share more about your product’s functions and abilities. You should explain them how the product can solve their problems, how your product can cause convenience to them.

So, as it is clearly seen that the combination of 5Ws and 1H is really very helpful in creating a content marketing strategy for your company. A company should follow this format of writing the article so as to create a good impression on their customers. The work of a content marketer gets easier if he follows the above-mentioned format.

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