Content Marketer’s Guide To Become A Socially Rich Brand

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Every content marketer’s aim is to get maximum number of audience for his content. Social media is one of the strongest tools for content marketers. It has the power to make his small startup a people’s favorite brand in short time span. But every content marketer is not able to tap social media because promoting content on social media is not a just a task, but an art! So, here’s a content marketer’s guide to help you get the most out of your social media marketing efforts.

Keep Making Noise

The first rule from the content marketer’s guide suggests that your brand should not remain silent on social media. Nowadays, no company wants to stay away from social media platform. But mere existence has nothing to do with content promotion. Updating social media with valuable posts, videos and pictures is the key to show your existence. The well-established brands like McDonald’s, Reebok share a lot of content on social media just to keep their audience informed about what’s happening.

Be Original And Simple

Social media platforms should not be a place to post unnecessary content. An audience may not visit your social media page if you are serving them the same old content which they have already spotted on the internet. Keeping content short and meaningful will attract more readers.

Prioritize The Social Media Channels

Devoting an equal number of hours for each social media platform is not a right idea. Content marketers must choose social media channels according to his business needs. As everyone knows, Facebook is the top one social media followed by Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.

There are hundreds of social media platforms like Pinterest, MySpace, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg. But the number of users is less compared to Facebook and Twitter. Here, a content marketer must be more clever. He should identify the favorite social media of his target audience. Facebook is the beloved online spot for youngsters whereas the LinkedIn pages are professionals choice. Few social media platforms are extremely popular in particular region. Picking such social media for niche marketing can give better results. For instance, Tumblr has more than 30% users from the Unites States.

Listen To Your Audience

On social media platforms, brands get millions of comments from their followers. A wise content marketer is the one who can deal with the positive and negative response in a right manner. Qatar Airways is the best example for it. Sometimes, this brand gets loads of negative comments from the customers for its Facebook posts. But Qatar Airways has an answer for every comment. They do accept the mistake and promise better service. In fact, the word “apology” is more powerful than a big explanation. This kind of healthy conversation helps a brand in building a long-term relationship with a client.

Inform But Don’t Judge

Content should not be offensive. A brand may lose followers if content marketer fails to provide an unbiased viewpoint. Defaming any person or community through content will harm the brand reputation. While creating content, few brands unnecessarily mention their rivals. This is a serious issue. Your content must tell your greatness, not the faults of your rivals. No matter how much content you create, Sharing useful information should be the core of your strategy if you’re following the content marketer’s guide.

Understand The Nature Of Social Media

It is really awesome if content marketer can play on multiple social media platforms. At the same time, he should try to understand the difference between social media channels. One can not use the same content on every social media platform. Facebook followers always look for a decent quantity of content with a picture whereas the LinkedIn users recommend articles. Reddit is blooming as a major social media platform for thoughtful people. But it has set of rules which can not be ignored by content marketers.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it?” says Erik Qualman, an American author of Socialnomics. On social media, every brand is like an open book and filling that book with quality content is the task of content marketers.

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