Why Automation Is Not The Future of Content Creation

Shortcuts lead to either great success or enormous failure, it depends on destiny. Automation in the area of content writing leads to lack of quality and uniqueness. Instead of this practice one can hire workers and make them highly trained and effective in the writing part. Automation is all about the new technology and automated systems like robotics, pneumatics and embedded system, even artificial intelligence fails in this part as the artificial brain can gather the information from Google but at the end it will be plagiarized. Future of content creation depends only on the natural and creative human minds to give it an aura to present in the way readers desire.

Talking about artificial intelligence the domain where everything is possible with artificial brains and the programmer to make it possible lacks the content creation. With an example it will be proved, “A robot programmed for content creation with instant content creating ability could revert the content from Google or any other source, but contents need not be plagiarized. Google will reflect the same content or will paraphrase the sentences which might be deficient of uniqueness and can easily be caught by SEO Tools which are again a Google programming.” The more creative the human’s mind behind the content, better the workpiece.

Human beings are capable of getting the audience or readers engage with them through the content. Future of content creation needs an emotional touch, which embraces the needs and fulfills the expectations accordingly. Stories, blogs, poetry all the future of content writing rely on the soft corner of the readers. Likewise, every human has a category one loves to read or takes interest in with a revitalizing touch of the author. This makes the reading more interesting when a connection is built between the reader and the writer. Grooming is important where artificial or handmade machines lack behind the era in the future of content creation.

Humans discovered the technology, automation, and artificial brains because it is itself distinctive in some or the other field. The brilliant minds are humans behind all this unbelievable stuff. Human beings are definitely capable of generating a content writing machine or any other breakthrough in future of content creation, but in spite of squandering time they should invest more time in better training and developing more creativeness and aura in the writing section.

Creativity is about idea generation. New startup companies related to the content part is covering the market era with sheer speed emphasizing on a deficiency in the quality and unoriginal content. Practice makes the man perfect is not simply a saying, it applies to the real life to skip the mediocracy thing and get the skilled power. Consistency in delivering an awful content is very hard to get with amidst of dense content creation hustle.  

The accuracy of the content is what matters the most, it is like filling the voids with phrases and rhythm if necessary. The major drawback is scarcity in the training and practice not the memory and prompt action could fulfill the assigned task.

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