Brand Reputation Management: How To Deal With Online Trolls & Negative Comments On Social Media

Brand reputation management is essential for companies. Without proper management, the negative comments and trolls on social media cannot be handled. What trolls exactly are? It is the negative content about your company. So, to deal with it, you need to do an effective brand reputation management.

Use the following ways to deal with online trolls and negative comments on social media:

Respond with humor

When a person trolls your company, you should not get annoyed or irritated. This type of reaction will not create good effect on people. Instead you should go with a slight humor and reply them. But also try to solve the problem and don’t just let it go. Try to understand and resolve the issue as soon as possible. This will develop a positive image and will give an assurance to people that you actually care. But make sure that you don’t laugh at people or make fun of them. At the same time, do not leave professionalism at any cost. Your humours words must be chosen carefully.

Don’t use automated response

Often companies use automated response for every complaint without even understanding  the situation. This can be dangerous for your reputation. For example, if a person is complaining about not being served properly and he receives a completely different response, it will frustrate the person and eventually he will start giving negative comments about the business on social media sites.

Take your time

Whenever there is a negative comment or a troll about your company, don’t panic. Handle the situation calmly. Take your time to analyse the situation then make your strategy accordingly. Ask questions, react in kindness and address the issue directly.

Adding some personal touch to it will make the customers realize that you are really concerned about them. Acknowledge where the customer is making a valid point and even apologize whenever it is necessary.

Delete comments from sponsored ads

The ads which you are paying for, to Facebook, Twitter or any other social site are already being pushed to the customers. As these are the ads which people never asked for, it’s important to keep the advertising relevant and focused. So, if trollers give negative comments on such ads, removing such comments will never hurt your core customer base.


One simple rule of handling these negative comments is to ignore them. It is because some people just have the aim of creating disturbance or nuisance without any base. So, to avoid these baseless comments simply ignore them. It is well said that when 1-2 people are writing negative comments about your​ company then ignore it. But if whole community is trolling your company, then look into the matter. Always remember that you should ignore the trolls which are baseless, but never ignore a genuine query.

One should wisely use the above mentioned ways to handle negative comments and trolls on social media sites.

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