Artificial Intelligence And Manual Content Creation: 5 Things To Know

Artificial intelligence is replacing manual​ content creation. In some places, it is also a threat to manual jobs. But it’s interesting to see that whether artificial intelligence will ever be able to replace manual content creation completely or it will fail to feed audience with the content they want.

Here are 5 things which you should know about artificial intelligence and manual content creation :

1. No creativity

The machines definitely can’t think but they can do their jobs based on calculations. Meaning that they can’t be creative. Creativity is god’s gift to humans. Each person is creative in his own way. But no matter how much the technology gets advanced, a machine can’t think creatively like humans. A machine can perform only certain functions, for which it is designed to. It cannot do any other thing beyond that.

2. Generate new ideas

Machines can be designed by humans in order to generate new ideas. Machines can give you new content ideas but those ideas can’t replace the experience of writers. The writers who have an experience of many years will give you great content creation ideas and those ideas can’t be replaced by any of the machines. The experienced writers know that what to do to impress the audience and what​ not to, and Artificial intelligence obviously can’t do that.

3. AI understands the concept of SEO

Artificial intelligence understands what is SEO and can prove to be very helpful in that case. AI will tell you how to optimise your website according to the search engines. It will be useful for the visibility of your website. Search engine optimisation is not a new concept but many people still have doubts about it. So, in case the employees in your company are not aware about this, then artificial intelligence can be very beneficial for you.

4. Increase of content distribution methods

The content can be distributed to a large number of audience through AI. You can publish your content at various social sites and papers and magazines. Artificial intelligence will make your website more effective so as to attract lots of customers. You can be sure about at least the distribution of your content. Because at a time a human can forget to share his content but a machine which is commanded to do so, will never forget.

5. Manual content creation is limitless

The manual thought process is till the infinity and so is the content. Humans can think and write to a great extent which can’t be compared to the machines. Machines have their limits. They can just follow the commands given by humans. They don’t have brains like humans. Humans can think every aspect of a single content and then can create something new. The quality of their content will always be thousand times better than what a machine can produce.

There is still a doubt whether the artificial intelligence will prove to be better than manual content creation in future or not. But at present, it is not at all trustworthy. The manual content reflects emotions, experience, and art to compel people, which AI doesn’t reflect. But then too you never know what future holds.

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