Article Writing For Travel Website: 5 Things Readers Want From Your Blog

Article writing for travel website is very amusing and entertaining task. This is mainly done by people who love adventures and traveling. A person should think like a traveler while he is doing article writing for a travel website. Top five things that people want from your travel blog are listed below:

Minute details:

While article writing for travel website you should observe everything minutely. One should assume himself to be at the reader’s place. A reader wants to know all the pros and cons of visiting that place. He wants to know all the information regarding climate, weather and budget etc.

Powerful pictures:

It is very correctly said that ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. This is because by looking at the picture people will have a much better idea of that place. The picture you post on your blog should be powerful and attention seeking. They should be of excellent quality so as to convince the readers to actually visit that place. Article writing for travel website is worthless without the presence of high-quality pictures.

Interesting facts:

You should tell amusing and interesting facts about that place. And because of that, the people are automatically dragged towards reading the full article. But you should leave that amusing fact in suspense so as to make the travelers keep thinking about it.


Every family plans their vacations according to their budget. The readers want to know the exact budget of the whole trip which includes the traveling and hotel expenses, restaurant charges etc. These all should be clearly mentioned in your blog. While writing you should also state the currency of that place and its conversion to like 1$= 67.21INR.


The readers always want to know the culture of the place where they are willing to go. This means you should mention the dress, food, festivals and any special dance that depicts their culture in your blog. Historical places if any present in that place should be written on your blog with a proper description. You also need to tell your readers about any of the special customs/rituals they perform or any type of special food they eat during their festivals.

Besides the above-mentioned points, there are many other things that a reader wants from your article writing for a travel website. These include any wildlife sanctuary, any special animal that is present there, any famous night club, sports club, water park or amusement park present there. One should write all about the changes in climatic conditions and what those changes lead to like for example during summers Asian koel, black-crowned night heron, Asian golden oriole come to India and many tourists gather here to see them. So, while article writing for travel website you should keep in mind the above things and if you will write your travel blog with a lot of zeal it would really be a hit and yes don’t forget to share your blog on social media.

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