Making ideas grow

We create animation and corporate videos, but they are more than just motion graphics. We master in delivering the best motion stories in the right way. Engaging, inspiring and winning. Our animation team delivers solutions that fit perfectly in your video marketing strategy.

How Do We Create Animation?


First, we spend considerable amount of time on understanding your business, your brand values, your mission and your message. Then we determine the best possible ways to shape it.

Video Script

A powerful story and script are some of those major factors that determine the life of a video. As the content marketing innovator, we are expert storytellers. Our scripts excite, encourage, amuse people and provoke thoughts giving your audience a memorable experience.


Not each video needs voiceover, sometimes we explain everything in a short animation without saying a word. But, voiceover is a great force that drives authority and delivers your message in a highly effective way. Animation and voiceover makes a great combination together when it comes to video marketing.


Exciting, right? We develop a scene-by-scene image of whole video. We share the storyboard with you. After approval, our tech team starts working on it.


Our illustrators and animators bring the whole video to life during this process.

Time to “Play”

Your animated video arrives in high quality HD format. We also provide video in different formats for web, DVD or other when needed.


Your animation, your copyright. Simple!

Whether you are looking for computer graphics, animated video series or a way to connect with your client-base with a corporate video, the only limit is your imagination.

Why Choose ContentPlant:

  • Show what you do with a video.
  • Boost your website conversion rates.
  • Educate people about your products/services.
  • Train your team, clients or prospects.
  • Help your customers solve the common problems.
  • Present your idea to investors.

You know your brand will thrive with a video – we’re here to deliver it.

Our in-house creative team offers the following services in production.

Willing to make a confident and compelling video they can’t ignore?