7 Secret Facebook Features Only A Few People Know

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Yes, you heard it right. There are plenty of secret features on your favorite social networking site, Facebook, that you don’t even know. Facebook is a place where you can share anything like articles, images, videos, thoughts etc and interact with anyone around the globe. All you need to have the internet access for using it. This site updates you about all the information in your friend circles, and the trending column also informs you about the whole world. The secret Facebook features which are surely going to amuse you are as follows:

1. Download everything

You can download everything i.e your each and every post into your computer. From the first picture, you posted on Facebook to your latest profile picture you can download all the data. You just have to go to Settings > General and then click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data” at the bottom of the page and follow the directions from there. This feature will take you to the sweet memories of the past. This feature is specially designed for the legal matters.

2. Money transfer

You can even transfer money through Facebook account but both the receiver and sender should have a valid debit card. This money will help you to buy products. To make this happen you need to go to Settings > Payments to enter a debit card. Once the process is completed you can easily make your transactions.

3. Control News feed

Want to get rid of the posts of a friend who continuously keeps posting some or the other useless stuff? If yes then here is the solution to your problem by clicking three dots beside the “News Feed” at the top of the left side. Choose the option of “Edit Preferences” from the pop-up window, then click “Prioritize who to see first,” and select the people, pages, and brands you want to see in your News Feed.

4. Customize your post

Secret Facebook features include this feature too. You often feel like writing something just for your own self that maybe later you want to post. You can do this by using ‘notes’ feature. It is a personalized blog inside your FB account. To use this you have to click the “+ Write a Note” link in the top-right corner. Write down whatever you want to with the help of easy post editor, if you want to add a cover image and share it just like a normal FB post.

5. Check who is peeping into your account

Are you sure your account is safe and anybody is not invading your privacy? If not just check the login details of your account by firstly going to your settings page. Go to Security section, then click on the link “Where You’re Logged In.” Under this, you will see all your login activities from desktop or cell phones. It provides information the about location, the device from which your account was logged in etc. You can also click on “end activity” if anything seems wrong.

6. Legacy contact

Everyone has to die one day and it’s the ultimate truth. Facebook offers you a special feature according to which you can pass the legacy of your account to a trusted person. The person whom you will pass your legacy will be able to write a post on your behalf. They will not have access to all your messages unless you give them the authority. To create a legacy contact, go to Settings > Security > Legacy Contact and select any one of your friends whom you can trust to handle your account.

7. Transfer your files on Facebook

You can transfer any of your files whether it is a Word document, photos, videos or anything using Facebook. You just have to click a small paperclip icon on the bottom of your chat box and attach your file there. The receiver will then download the file. It’s an easy way to share files and documents to a person.
What are you people waiting for? Go quickly and check out these secret Facebook features. You will surely enjoy trying out them.

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