7 Content Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft company, predicted the rise of content marketing 20 years back. He wrote an article named ‘Content is king’. He predicted that through content only the maximum money on the internet can be made. And the main advantage of content marketing is that the content can be spread across the globe even on a short budget.

He taught us many content marketing lessons. Some of them are listed below :

1. Valuable content

The content you write while marketing your products should be valuable. People would easily be able to understand the concept of your product and it’s value in their life. The content should be informative. You should choose the right person to do this. The person who is well experienced at it or knows how to write an amazing, attention grabbing content. If you don’t have such member in your team then hire someone.

2. Creative ideas

Use creative ideas to make your customers feel special. Regular campaigns, door to door marketing, vouchers and uploading videos of customers sharing their experience about your product are some creative ideas you can use.

These all are the tools of content marketing. Don’t forget to be interactive in your blogs, this forms connectivity between you and your customers.

3. Third party ideas

If you are trying a lot and still not able to find the appropriate ideas for your content marketing, then you should simply read content which is already published and understand it properly and then derive a new idea from that content. In this way you can generate a completely new idea from an old one. Many of the top companies are doing the same.

4. Inbound marketing

It is a strategy that uses the tools of marketing to attract customers at your site. The different tools are digital marketing, social media marketing and lead generation etc. Content marketing lessons from Bill Gates include this integrated way of marketing to attract many users at your website.

5. Strategic distribution

One of the content marketing lessons that you can learn from Bill Gates is sharing the content you write. According to Gates, you should not keep the content with yourself instead distribute it as much as you can. You should strategically distribute the content to your target audience. You can form connections with some companies that can share your content further in the market.

6. Persistence

Bill Gates knows that success doesn’t come overnight. He believes in working consistently. Same is in the case of content marketing. One should work continuous with full efforts to achieve the desired goal. One should not get disappointed with failure. If one of your articles doesn’t bring enough attention to you, it doesn’t means the other posts will also be unsuccessful. Never lose hope and keep working hard.

7. Marketing is Simple

Gates said in his content marketing lessons that you just need to show the problems to the customers and then their solutions in the form of your product and then the customers will automatically prefer buying it.

These content marketing lessons by Bill Gates are the key formulas to excel in the field of content marketing. Just mug up these mantras of success to be a master at content marketing.Bill Gates

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