7 Awesome Tips for Blogging: Making Your Blog The Most popular

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With the age of digital networking taking huge strides, there has always been a need for people to express themselves. In this way, individuals and as well as companies have turned to blogging so as to share what they feel to the rest of the world.

On Twitter, Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich had shared a useful tip for bloggers. “when writing a post, I get into a mindset to answer just this 1 question with a Yes: “Would anyone email this article to a friend?” Widrich wrote.

As there are always people interested in the field of blogging and new things to talk about, there will be those who want to learn the ropes and those who want to get better. So if you are an aspiring blogger or a seasoned veteran, these seven tips on how to make your blogs the most popular will show you that there is always something new to learn.

1. Understand your audience

Though every blogger will tell you these three words, it is harder to practice what you preach. The key tip for blogging is to know when and how to express your content to a group of eager individuals. This means that people are aware of the situation and want some more insight on what you can share. In this way, finding an emerging topic and researching on it will be useful for your blog while keeping a simple but clear idea is sure to keep individuals coming back for more.

2. Make your content easy to share.

This is the most crucial tip that can be given to any blogger. Even if you write the most
awe –inspiring article or the ultimate works, it will be in vain if no one gets to know about it. It pays to keep a group of friends who you know who can promote your work on social media platforms. In the digital age where a like and a share are valuable assets to a blogger, do not hesitate to share your content with the people around you. You never know the beauty of your article if you keep it to yourself.

3. Short sentences win

Short and sweet phrases are the way to go. You want to express your ideas to the public, and at the same time keep the reader interested in your work. In this way, writing short sentences helps to keep the reader engaged with your work and it also helps you to set the pace of your content. A useful tip for blogging would be to have an idea and then frame a simplistic version of it. This helps to explain your work in detail and as well as keep the readers at the same pace that you would like them to.

4. Write as often as possible.

As they say, “Practice makes perfect.” The best way to make your blog better would be to practice on your content and get feedback from supporting readers. In this way, you will be able to improve your skills and at the same time, give your audience what they want. This is a well-practiced tip for bloggers who keep sharpening their editorial skills with every new blog.

5. Give it time

Since Rome was not built in a day, similarly, your content will not be perfect spontaneously. In this way, take some time to dwell on your subject matter as this is a very good way of making your content better. Figure out what keywords and points you want to develop and then form your ideas on these points. This is guaranteed way of writing a beautiful blog.

6. Write catchy headlines

The key tip for successful bloggers is knowing how to make any article it engaging for a reader before they read the article. In this way you have to be able to capture your audience’s attention before they start reading your work and this is achieved by writing an eye-catching title. In this way, you know that you can attract new readers who would be interested in reading your works and this is how you expand your community of readers.

7. Don’t give up.

Lastly no matter how difficult you think the road is, just remember that it will always be better in the end. There are countless of bloggers who were disheartened and had given up just because they felt some initial hiccups. A sincere tip for the bloggers who are discouraged would be to keep your chin up if your blogs do not become widespread. There will always be new opportunities to express yourself and this will be another way of learning from your mistakes.

All in all, it all comes down to the impression of being true to yourself. Successful bloggers will always tell a story in their own magical way that has a special attraction to many readers. So start small, and one day you will be able to smile at the wonderful articles that you have done for the aspiring bloggers.

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