6 Classic Examples How These Brands Have Become Popular With Content Marketing Services

Content marketing services help a lot in making a brand popular. There are various amazing trends in the market that are using the tools of content marketing services. Companies need to pull up their socks to face this cut throat competition. They need to find new and innovative ideas for their business.

The brands which will teach you how to use content marketing services to gain popularity are listed below:

1. Rolex

Yes, everybody knows that this is not a new brand and needs no publicity at all. But the company needed to give this old-fashioned brand a new look. Even if it is an old established brand still it needs to do something interesting consistently, to remain in the market. So, this brand immediately made accounts on the different social media sites and started posting some classy pictures of the watches.

2. Nike

A company can learn a lot from this sports brand. This brand beautifully uses content marketing services to make a place for it in the market. This brand has created a separate webpage on Twitter named as ‘@Nikesupport’ to solve all the queries of the customers.

Other companies can learn from this company that how to create a friendly relationship with the customers. Nike’s separate webpage for customer queries helps the brand in building a great rapport with its customers.

3. Coca-Cola

This is a well-known brand with many competitors in the market. That is why this brand too needs to use content marketing services to give its competitors a tough fight. So, this brand launched ‘share a coke’ campaign and everybody is aware that the campaign was a big hit.

All the coke did is to write individual names on the bottle of the drink and everyone was so excited about seeing their names on the can that they started posting pictures with the bottle on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This resulted in huge publicity of the product brand.

4. Toshiba

This company proved that content marketing strategy is not only useful for B2C marketing but also for B2B marketing. It launched campaigns to bring various business companies together through its content.

Toshiba created a ‘smart community’ to educate the public about renewable resources and other nature related stuff. This move proved to be remarkably effective for the image of the brand and it increased the number of followers of the company as the company got more famous.

5. Intel

Everybody knows that this is a technical brand. This brand too needs content marketing strategy. Intel manages a blog named IQ. In that blog, Intel publishes each and every article that promotes their brand.

In fact, the brand also publishes the positive feedbacks of their customers to form a good brand image in the minds of the public.

6. LinkedIn

This brand has plenty of the competitors. LinkedIn has maintained the level of competition. It is a huge platform that connects employees to employers. This brand will surely rise high during this year. The brand uses tools such as team link and sales navigator for improving its performance. Because of these efforts, brand is gaining a lot of popularity.

So, the content marketing services help a lot in grooming your company’s reputation.

One can reach the heights of success by using the tools of content marketing. One just needs to be innovative and energetic while writing the article. One should never underestimate his competitors. If one has good writing skills then content marketing services are a boon to him.

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