6 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Your Journalist Friend

Your journalist friend can definitely give you excellent business lessons. This is because a journalist always works in an organised way. He always makes a perfect plan of action before doing any official work. Some of the business lessons you can learn from your journalist friend are as follows:

1. Do your homework

Before you plan to take any business move, always think about all the pros and cons of it. Your journalist friend will always advise you to follow the ‘5Ws and 1H model’. This model contains all those questions which one should ask with himself before taking any sort of business decision. A journalist always works according to this model. He always before reporting a particular news checks that whether he has covered all the questions or not.

2. Make your customers part of your stories

You should always involve your customers into your business blog. A journalist will always suggest you to write your blog in such a way so that the customers may get engaged with it. He will advise you to write the feedbacks of your customers in your blog. By doing this, the customers will feel connected with your business blog. They will think that they are also a part of your stories. And as it is said that ‘people learn from the experiences of others, new buyers will also be attracted by seeing those stories.

3. Always ready

A journalist is always ready for any task given to him. He is always present at any event going in the town. This is the reason behind him having so many sources. So, a businessman should always attend each and every business event or meeting to develop his contacts with the suppliers and  it will also help him to learn from his competitors. He can observe the marketing strategies of other businessmen. So a businessman should also be ready like a journalist for every business occasion.

4. Be quick

You should be quick while giving an interview to your audience i.e the people who can be your potential buyers. Being quick means while announcing something or while persuading your buyers you should not stop, you should take quick decisions then. A journalist is always sharp minded and asks accurate questions at the right time. If he will not ask questions quickly then he will not be considered as a good journalist.

5. Don’t misinterpret the facts

If you are not sure about a decision you are making then don’t make it public. And if you are promising anything to your customers then make sure to fulfill that promise. A journalist never gives a false statement to the public. If he does that then he will surely lose and his news will not be considered as newsworthy. So, a businessman should also never misrepresent the facts.

6. Never be satisfied with your network

Your journalist friend will suggest you to never be satisfied with the number of your contacts. This means that you should try to make more and more contacts, you should try to expand your network.

A journalist consistently tries to expand his network because he knows that the larger the number of people he will know, the greater amount of news he will get. Same is the case with a businessman i.e. the larger the number of contacts he will have the more he will have the information of the business world.

So there are many more business lessons that your journalist friend can teach you. A businessman should always observe how his journalist friend does his work. He can learn a lot from his schedule.

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