5 Ways To Kill Your News Website And Damage Your Brand Name With Fake News

A lot of fake conspiracies and news are misleading the youth these days. One can get an instant credit of disrupting their news website or the brand name by performing an illegal activity that is spreading the fake news which could lead to political clash or cause any personal harm to someone. This news gets on air instantly getting people talking and sharing these fake news on social media and by many different means. As a conventional trend is going on in the middle age generations which emphasize the human mentality that captures the negative points and set a feedback with a negative motto. There are 5 important ways that could kill the news website and can damage the brand name which is necessary for a paragon to remember before publishing the news and general information:


Same as keywords are necessary for contents in surging the ranking in google search engine, same the feedback and people reviews depend on whooping the publicity and the brand name. SEO automatically pushes negative search results down and manages the fraudster and the fake news publishing from various sources. It also avoids the black hat professionals to do so. If one has a news website or a news channel, beware of the news one is posting because the people trust and rely on the source one is spreading.

Misleading people

Misleading the current generation with the fake news is dangerous and it can cause disputes between the political parties and the people. There is no express law that could prohibit the fake news. But, talking about the legal activities a complaint could be registered to Indian broadcast foundation. If the fake news is the reference to hate speech the charges can be introduced as an F.I.R falling under the section 153 and 295 of Indian penal code.

Controversial news

Prominent news channels and website produce the well-known content after the revised review of people to maintain the decency and to maintain the decorum of not getting stuck in controversies. Even though no matter what the truth is revealed but there is always a risk of by chance spreading the words that are not valid for a particular person or an industry.

Hate speech

One or the other stereotypic person is always there to drag another down getting the trap ready for the famed personality. In the same way, news can be spoken for a hatred or to curl lips at one for disdain or hatred. This could get a negative publicity and feedback for a news website and the spoken task is enough to damage the brand name. As a result, an action or an F.I.R could be charged against the person who provoked the fake news. It is always said that action speaks louder than the words.


The most important factor is publicity, people follow the trend in India without thinking of wrong and right. One may think that the sentence written by the writer is portraying a negative feedback or a hate speech against the people of India, but the point is never to get into the cue always do what is right for all the citizens. Think about the nation, not for the self, this could help in striking down the negative publicity and gaining the respect.

Fake news also referred as hoax news relies upon the criticizing content and get the support of the people for its creative and gloomy propagandas. The disinformation purporting in the sense of real news drives web traffic and magnify the effect. People should always maintain a decorum and avoid prompting other people to follow up the falsify news.

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