5 Ways To Increase Visibility On Google In 2017

Everyone has a dream that one day his brand’s website will be highly visible on Google.  Increasing visibility on Google is not a game of one day. It requires a lot of patience. It will be great to see your website on the first page of Google. But to make it happen you have to work smart.

Here you have 5 best ways to increase visibility on Google:

Innovative website

The website that you make should be all in all. Your web page should consist each and every information related to the topic of the website. You should tell the contact and address details to increase the credibility of your website. You should use high-quality graphics in designing the background image of the web page. The content used in your website should be very interesting. You should be very particular about the accuracy of your content.

Optimised look

The main task of a good website is to give full information in a short and crisp form. To make your name amongst the top websites you have to create your website in such a manner that the customers would be able to access any information without any inconvenience. You should also frequently amend your website to give it an enhanced look. Your website’s ranking will definitely improve because of this.

Interactive website

To make your place amongst the top web pages your website needs to be interactive. You can increase visibility on Google by creating a friendly atmosphere on your website. The most popular way of doing this is creating a chat box or discussion forum on your website. You can initiate discussions there and can get familiar with your customers. They will also develop a sense of belongingness for your web page.


The next step which you should follow is that to register your website in internet directory. You can register under various search engines for giving more exposure. Once your web page is registered you need to be patient as the search engines follow a preferential method for the websites that are in the directory list. As it is said that ‘Rome was not built in a day’, your website also needs time to make its place on the first page of Google search.


In fact, analyzing your mistake is the first step to increase visibility on Google. You can know your mistakes by using features such as server logs. You can know that at what time the people surf your website the most and how long they stay there, and whether the same people come back again to your website. The answers to these questions will help you a lot in figuring out the problem in your website.

Thus you can put the exact efforts to improve your site. At present, you may be trying hard to increase visibility on Google.  So as discussed above you must focus and remove the negative things from your site. You should have the patience to work consistently on your website. And yes, a creative mind is always required for this sort of work.

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