5 Things You Must Know Before You Hire A Website Designer

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A person obviously needs to hire a website designer for making his website look amazing and attractive. A website designer is actually responsible for bringing your target audience to your website. The work of the website designer is stating the exact, necessary information in a crisp and creative format. He can make your website a complete hit and at the same time he can also destroy your site completely. The things you should know before you hire a web designer are as follows:

1. Register domain name by your own

You should not give all the responsibilities to your website designer. Domain name is an important asset of your company and that’s why you need to register it by your ownself. It does not need any professional skills. You should also give your email ID, which you use, when registering your domain name. As domain names are purchased yearly, so it’s necessary to renew them. And they will remind you this by sending emails to you.

2. Update your website regularly

You should not depend on one of your website designer for updating your website. You can get it done from any web professional or even by yourself! Certain applications are available for this purpose. So, it’s better to update your website regularly without depending on anyone. As, it is very important to update your website as per the changing circumstances.

3. Choose the right platform

The web designer you are hiring should know how to choose the right platform for your company’s website. There are various platforms available like WordPress, Expression Engine, Squarespace, Drupal or Shopify. So you should see that whether your website designer is able to select the right platform for your website or not.

4. Qualification of web designer

Before you hire a website designer you must know his qualifications. You should be aware of all the necessary details of him. You should also know his statement of work ( SOW ) i.e how much time the designer will take, what are the things which he/she is going to cover in the pricing (will he/she provide content also or just a framework) etc.

5. Inform him everything

You should tell him everything about your company i.e who are your target audience, what is your company’s vision and mission, what information you want to give to your audience through your website, what is your current position in the market etc. You should also tell him about the nature of your company before you hire him.

So, before you hire a website designer you should remember the above points. You should be alert and active while you hire a website designer. As, whole brand image of your company depends on your website.

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