5 Mistakes Your Content Writing Team Must Avoid

Your content writing team is one of the pillars of your company. It is responsible for the overall growth of your business as their work directly and indirectly increases the customer base and sales of your company. If the things go wrong at some point, your whole marketing process will be affected. So, the mistakes your content writing team should avoid are as follows :

1. Product first approach

Your Content writing team may assume that your customers will​ like your product. This approach is not correct. Instead they should focus on selling the benefits of the product and should give importance to their needs and preferences, in their content.

In other words a content marketing team should focus more on the customer’s needs and project the products as problem solvers. So, the smart content writers should try to avoid this mistake of just highlighting the brand in their marketing content.

2. Ignoring the importance of headlines

A customer notices the headline of a blog first and then decides on reading the article. If he won’t find the headline interesting, then he will not read the article and will bounce to another website. This is why to retain the concentration of the customers, you should write a crisp and catchy headline.

Do not treat headlines of your blogs as an afterthought. They should be the major part of your content. Not paying much attention to the headlines may ruin your content marketing efforts.

3. Lacking personal touch

Often the content writing team remains unfamiliar with the audience. They just use formal corporate language and talk all about the business. They don’t share their experiences, success stories with the audience.

People love to know about the author of the content they are reading. They want to know about the story of the company and it’s success and the product journey as well. So, to connect with your audience, it’s necessary to​ talk about your personal experiences.

4. Publishing without editing

Your content writing company would think itself to be a professionalist. But even professionals do proof reading. They too edit their articles twice or as many times required before getting it published.

It’s obvious that you want to develop a good relationship with the customers and if you offer such content that is full of spelling mistakes and contains inaccuracies then obviously people will not rely on your information from the next time.

5. No visuals

If your content writing team only pays attention to the text then they are wrong. They should also use pictures, screenshots, graphs, and illustrations to enhance your blog and other website pages to make it look more attractive and appealing.

Visuals play a great role in making your content look good enough to consume. It helps the readers to understand the concepts more clearly. So, don’t skip visuals when you create content.

You have to go above and beyond to cut through all the noise online today. So these mistakes should be avoided by your content writing team. These silly mistakes can be ​dangerous for your company.

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