5 Easy Steps To Create Hundreds of Blog Topic Ideas

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As a content writer, finding content at the drop of a hat is a norm. Then again, it is not easy at all. Blog topic ideas are hard to create and harder to write on with no prior subject matter.

Luckily, here are five ways that you can use to create a multitude of blog topic ideas that is both catchy and relevant.

1. Search other website’s successful pages

Look through other successful websites. If you have an idea, there are chances someone else has had it before you. In this case, you should read their version of it. You will get ideas on new angles and approaches to the idea. Reading other people’s work will also give you knowledge of the topic you may not have had previously.

If you don’t have any ideas yet, then looking through other people’s work will give you food for thought. Brainstorm about the topics. Read about the authors. Try to understand why they chose the topic that they did.

The fact that they were successful means that they did something right. Try to emulate this. However, know the difference between paraphrasing and plagiarizing.

2. Success and failure of other content

With looking through what others did right, you also need to look at what they did wrong. Read critiques and feedbacks. There is valuable information in this. Learn the reason they chose the topic and why it did not work out for them. Read the content, see the way they approached it. People are usually really good at telling what they like and even more at something they don’t.

3. Social media hashtags

Social media is the single biggest pool of information of what’s happening and what’s not. Here you can find out what’s new and received well. Better than that, you will also know what is not received well. Using social media, you can also get all the advertising you will need.

Look at the hashtags. People upload all sorts of content, sifting through this treasure trove of information will give you the blog topic ideas you need.

4. Select a trending niche

If you are planning on making writing blogs a professional task, you need to select a speciality. It is always smart to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, but until you make a name for yourself and become a recognised writer, select a niche and stick to it.

Once you have your genre, implement all the steps mentioned above. This will give you blog topic ideas of your variety. Make sure that when you choose your style, that it is popular and well accepted.

5. Keep a thoughts book

One major problem with writing creatively is having so many blog topic ideas that you can’t keep track of them all. Every single idea that pops into your head may not be brilliant, but some of them maybe and they may get lost in the process.

So, make a list of them all. Write them down as fast as you can think them up. Then you can go back, review them and select one to your liking.

To sum it up, finding a right blog topic idea is half the battle won. Creative content writing is all about making a name for yourself. A good topic will do just the right thing.

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