5 Deadly Sins of Content Marketing In India

If content marketing services can help you to rise high, then some of your mistakes in using it can also make your business fall down. So, you need to avoid some deadly sins of content marketing in India.

1. No proper testing of content

It is very necessary to test your content idea before you publish. You can do the testing by sharing the idea with a content marketing experts. You can also see whether that idea is totally unique or someone has previously used it. If it was previously used then what was its impact on customers? Answers to these questions are important for you to know. If you don’t test your content then you are doing a deadly sin.

2. No keyword research

You should always do a proper research before you decide the keyword of your topic. The keyword of your topic should be common enough so as that your customers can easily search them. The keyword should be simple, and easy. As a content marketer your duty is to form a medium of connection between your blog and your customers. And if you will not perform keyword research then it will prove to be a deadly sin for your business.

3. Not using AdWords data

If you are running an ad campaign on Google, AdWords data is a huge source of seeing how your keywords are converting in your ad campaigns. You should plan your content around the best converting keywords. So, not using AdWords data can be a bad sign if you are taking advantage of content marketing in India. You should always keep an eye on the AdWords conversion rates and should know how your keywords are bringing results. To do so, you must set conversion tracking for your campaign and you can check the same from the keywords activity tab.

4. Lack of motivation

You should always hire a motivated content marketing team. Because it’s a kind of job that requires highly motivated individuals. A person who is working day and night, coming up with new ideas, creating content needs a lot of motivation. So, by giving proper incentives, you can motivate them so that they can do jobs more efficiently.

5. Postpone corrective action

You should not delay in taking any corrective measures if required. You should act on your knowledge. It is easy to postpone everything, but the results of postponing anything important can be disastrous. Think wisely and quickly before it’s too late. So, try to avoid this in content marketing.

These mistakes can totally spoil your business. Try to avoid them. This is your wake-up alarm so that you can step out of the dark.

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