5 Content Marketing Lessons I Learned From Disney Movies

I have learnt plenty of content marketing lessons from Disney movies. Afterall Disney movies always rule the marketing world. They are considered as huge marketing monsters as they know each and every aspect of marketing. They are the ones who are responsible for taking up content marketing to the next level. The best 5 lessons that I learned from Disney movies are as follows:

1. Excellent content plan

For building up a superb content marketing strategy an excellent content plan is necessary. And Disney knows this fact very well. They know how to skillfully wrap the plot of a movie and release a breathtaking teaser. They use all the tools of content marketing to deliver best results to their audience. Good content plan develops confidence in audience. I have learnt that it is very important to plan out every marketing move before executing it. A well planned content marketing strategy definitely gives desired results.

2. Amazing story line

It’s obvious that a movie will only be a hit when it has an amazing story line. But how to tell the audience that the movie’s trailer they are watching has an interesting story? Disney has mastered the art of telling a glimpse of the story without revealing the whole plot. They just mention a phrase from the movie in the promotional blog post. The lesson I learned from this is that the marketing content should always exceed the expectations of the audience. It should be amazing and amusing.

3. Reuse content

Disney uses its previous characters in the promotion of it’s new movies. Disney knows how to use the famous character, that has already won millions of hearts, in publicising their current movie productions. Since many people will be familiar with those characters, they will feel a connection with the upcoming movie. Content marketing lessons learnt from this are that one should realize when and how to utilize the old characters and stories in order to make the current movie a big blockbuster.

4. Make customers your promoters

Do what you do so well that they want to see it again and bring their friends,” Walt Disney once said. When you work hard and make an excellent piece of work, it is very obvious that people will automatically come to see it. And in this digital era of course they will praise your masterpiece on social media platforms. That’s the content marketing technique of Disney. The lesson is that do your job with so much of dedication that your audience would be bound to share their beautiful experience with their friends online.

5. Engage the audience

Disney makes audience familiar to them. They form a relationship with the audience by enabling them to interact, give feedbacks, comments and ask various questions with the Disney team. They immediately respond to any doubt or question raised by the audience. The lesson I learned from this is that feedback is must and by giving individual attention to all the questions raised by people, you can win billions of hearts.

So I have learned the above content marketing lessons from Disney. And I personally salute the whole Disney team for making such awesome movies that teach us brilliant marketing lessons.

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