5 Best Apps and Tools For Content Writers : Making Content Creation An Easy Job

Creating quality content is not always an easy task. Content writers have to invest a good amount of time and efforts to bring out the best. But some apps can assist them more than a friend! Content writers who constantly burn midnight oil to create quality content must check out these 5 tools which can help them in multiple ways.


Grammarly is gaining a lot of popularity. This app will help content writers in impressing their copy editors. Grammarly identifies punctuation mistakes, indefinite articles and also wrong sentences. The app will show solutions and the content writer can rewrite accordingly. Content writers have better advantages with Grammarly Premium.

Google Trends

On Google Trends, content writers can check out the trending stories online. It will list out more than 20 stories under each category. Content writers can also identify the most searched stories in their region.


There are many tools available on internet that help businesses for SEO. SEMrush is one of the powerful SEO tools, which can help content writer in understanding the keyword strategy used by many businesses. Through  SEMrush, one can learn his audience behavior quickly. By using this tool, businesses increase their website traffic quickly.


Every content writer wants to create great blog posts which can earn him great identity. Evernote is a good choice! By using the app, content writers can keep a record of their blog post ideas and tips. With the help of Evernote, one can  can also record audio content.

Calmly Writer

This professional text editor is a perfect place to write content. Calmly writer will help content writers in focusing on each paragraph. The formatting options are easy. It will also save the new changes automatically. It has useful options like full screen mode, text caret color, word counter etc.

There are several other apps which are also equally useful. But content writers have to make sure that they will double check before subscribing to any such services. Sometimes, apps and tools fill their mailbox with loads of promotional mails. To avoid this, content writers must go through the review before using any apps and tools.

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