5 Activities That REALLY Irritate (Don’t Attract) Potential Customers on Social Media

Take a look at any social media today. You will find that there are plenty of advertisements within the page. Then again, it is all part of the digital system in which you live in – You get specified advertisements in exchange for bonus offers (Free items or chances to sign up for something new and innovative).

As a content developer, you literally have the entire world at your fingertips. This makes it easier to spread the message of your content to people all around in the form of advertisements.

So when a reader sees the same adverts constantly repeating time and again, they tend to feel frustrated with the brand and they will try to avoid anything related to that company.

In this way, if you are considering of spreading your idea to customers on social media platforms, here are five things that you should avoid so as to prevent old customers from leaving and new customers from joining.

1. Pushy sales tactics

Have you ever had those annoying advertisements that keep coming around when you least expect them to? Or those that manage to fill up your screen with unnecessary popups?

This is the best example for a pushy sales tactic. Here, the content developers force their audience to see what the marketing company is selling.

Nobody likes to be forced to do something so naturally, they avoid these advertisements like the plague.

To attract customers on social media, you must make sure that your content speaks for itself through a witty catchphrase or an interesting idea. This is sure to charm the audience enough that they will promote your content to the people around you.

2. Poor grammar and bad taste

People tend to shun those content which do not have the basic command over the language.

Spelling and grammatical errors will degrade the quality of your content instantly.

Similarly, inappropriate content is a sure way of making your customers stay away from your content.

To please your customers on social media, you should try and make vibrant and catchy content that has a meaningful reason to make people come to you. This is done by having someone who would recommend you the best way of delivering your content. In this way, you will have the best way of projecting your ideas to your audience.

3. No activity

When you develop content that has the potential to attract a large number of audience, your fans will expect more from you.

If you do not live up to these expectations by not developing fresh and compelling content at a regular interval, you are bound to lose the customers that once loved your work.

Your customers on social media want you to give them something to look up to. So it is your job not to disappoint your fans. This can be done by setting a timetable that can be flexible enough for you to enjoy but rigid enough to compel you to generate content for your loyal fans.

4. Being too formal

It’s all well and good to have a tone that respects your audience. Then again, if you are too formal, your readers feel like they are talking to a robot.

To make your customers feel that they are interacting with you, try and make your content more user friendly. A few quotes or stories are an easy way of attracting customers on social media.

For this reason, content writers make their work as interactive as possible. The content that they make is engaging and at the same time, gives a warm feeling to their readers.

5. Lousy customer service

The essence of content marketing is to make sure that your audience feels that they have made the right choice in singling your brand above everyone else. This is not achieved when you do not respect the value of the feedback that your customers have given you.

To make your audience feel at home, you should try to make sure that you have the time to sincerely look into your customer’s problem and give helpful responses to their difficulties.

Although your ideas may be pure, you may be a victim of overselling your ideas intentionally or unintentionally. The plan is to make sure that your customers on social media feel that they are worth the time and the effort that it takes for them to single out your content apart from everyone else. Only then will your content shine out to touch the souls of many.

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