4 Mistakes You Are Probably Making With Your Website Design

Website design is a very important part of marketing. It is said that ‘Justice is not to be done only, but it should also shown to have been done’. According to this, showing something that you have done is equally important as doing it. If your website design is good and attractive, then only people will come to see your product on it.

Here are some mistakes and their cures too, that you are probably making with your website design :

Poor navigation and visibility

What is the use of making a creative website if its features and content is not visible only? If people are having problem in navigating your website then every creative effort of yours is a waste. If you are doing this mistake then you need to fix it right now.

You should use the right keyword i.e the most commonly used keyword in your content to increase the visibility of your website. And secondly, you need to create a simple and well-structured website. Instead of having lots of click options, that might confuse your audience, you should limit them on your website. You should clearly state the aim of your website to give it a simplified look.

Not ok for mobile users

According to Google it is said that mobile is being used more than a desktop or laptop for surfing websites. Website design is well done only if it is compatible for cell phone users. So if you want your website design to be good enough to impress your clients, you should use the right mobile-friendly layout and make your website good for the use of mobile users. You should also use swipe option instead of click options for your mobile clients.

Wrong choice of fonts

The choice of fonts style matters a lot in website design. If the spacing between words and line is too tight, the readability of the content will be reduced. If you use too many different types of fonts then the look of your whole content will be spoiled. So, you should try different types of fonts and then decide what is best for your website. Don’t use too much stylish fonts. Use effective font styles that are neither too simple nor too fancy.

No clear instructions for action

When there are no clear instructions given for what a person should do after he liked the product then obviously the user will be confused about how to buy a product.

And finally, he will end up closing your site without taking any action. So you should properly use call-to-action in order to increase conversion.

You should clearly state the amount and every single detail of the product and the whole procedure how they can buy it.

You should give some time to your website as it represents you amongst the masses. If it is not designed properly then you will definitely suffer losses. So, if you are doing any of these mistakes then immediately fix it before it’s too late.

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