4 Highly Innovative Ways to Find Blog Topic Ideas

As a content writer, you should have the ability to find new and innovative content right off the bat. Then again if it was that easy, people would not have been so frustrated when searching for content.

However, this does not mean that you will be stuck with the writer’s block forever. There are a lot of ways of finding great blog topic ideas that could be used to keep your content fresh, innovative and interesting.

If you are looking for a way to find out new and captivating content, here are four clever ways of searching for a good blog topic that will keep your audience craving for more.

1. Keep an idea journal

One thing about the human mind is that you just never know when an idea strikes you. It could be something you dreamed about the night before, something that strikes you when you are taking a shower or just when you are about to fall asleep. In this way, keep a small notepad with you so you can quickly jot down those ideas. Even the silliest ones.

You never know when you would stumble upon a goldmine for your readers. So you should always keep working hard and soon you will see that your journal will have enough and more things to blog about.

2. Ask google

Many bloggers have been stuck for content ideas before you, and one reliable source of answers is in a very useful Google application like its Keyword planner. Therefore, you can search for keyword and ideas, get historical statistics and see how a list of keywords of your choice might perform.

An alternative to that is the keyword tool which basically skims through all the keywords that the people search for online. This helps it to know what it is that a majority of the people are looking for. This gives you the edge for ideas to blog about.

3. See how Other Websites do with their Content

People have always followed a famous quote all their lives knowingly or unknowingly; ‘monkey see monkey do.’ In this way, when you keep this idea in mind, it is one of the easiest ways to get inspiration for your blog posts. What you need to do is see other successful posts or pages trending on various sites. This is a good way to know what is trending as these pages have successfully cultivated traffic for the topics that they are writing posts on.

4. Ask Your Audience

It is very likely that a lot of people have the lingering questions of what can they do for a unique blog topic. These questions are a good starting point for what people would want to know. In this way, your audience are the main people who you write content for. So it is up to you to ask them what they want.

Another way to collect ideas is to go through the comment section of your blog or social media. A lot of discussions happening in this section regarding various topics. Collect those ideas to use then for your upcoming blog topics.

For any good content, it is up to the content writers to have a solid image in their minds. In all honesty, that idea may need the support and help that it can get. Therefore, it is up to you to search for inspiration when finding a blog topic that will incite people to love your content more.

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