20th Century Fox Fake News Issue Leaves A Strong Lesson For Content Marketers

20th Century Fox fake news issue is the latest topic of discussion for content marketers. The 20th Century Fox is an American film production company. A recent advertisement tactic has brought them into great trouble. The company created fake websites like NY Morning Post, Salt Lake City Guardian, Houston Leader, Sacramento Dispatch and the Indianapolis Gazette. And in those websites they published fake news. They even used the names of public figures like Donald Trump and Lady Gaga.

They did all this just for the promotion of a movie named ‘A cure for wellness’. It is a psychological thriller. This movie is all about a fake cure that makes people more sick.

The fake news of 20th Century Fox Fake News Issue include “Trump Orders CDC to Remove All Vaccination Related Information from Website” and “LEAKED: Lady Gaga Halftime Performance to Feature Muslim Tribute.” These fake news were unethical and they spoiled their image in front of their readers. These news totally misguided the public. And created wrong perceptions in their mind. These news articles were shared 65,000 times on facebook.

Finally on Thursday, February 16, the company apologized for their shameful deed. They said that they are really sorry for breaking the trust of millions of people who trusted them for years. They also said that they have revised their whole work process and they will not repeat this mistake again. They agreed that this marketing strategy was inappropriate at every stage.

Negative publicity is also good sometimes but one should know the extent to which it is good, excess of anything is bad, and that’s why this publicity stunt proved to be a disaster.

The strong lesson for content marketers from this 20th Century Fox fake news issue is that one should advertise or promote their services or any product within the boundaries of some rules and regulations.

One should never cross the limits of marketing. Crossing the limits can make your publicity stunt unethical. It’s good to do something different from traditional marketing, but to a certain limit. Beyond that limit it proves to be a disaster for the image of your company.

Each and every content marketer should remember that creativity is a tool which they have to manage properly. It’s very important to see that your advertisement is not causing any harm to a person’s sentiments and reputation. One can only be a successful content marketer if he does his work by ethical means.

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