Facebook Page Management: 5 Deadly Mistakes You Should Never Make

One of the most versatile content marketing strategies to ever show up is the use of social media. Facebook has become one of the leading source for brand awareness. This means that people will try to set up content in order to attract more people. Then again, Facebook page management is not an easy task. Time and again, people have made a lot of careless mistakes that made them lose customers.

In order to minimize on the faults that you make, here are five mistakes that people do which lead them to a lot of trouble later on.

1. Not having a completed profile

If your potential customers are visiting your page, it’s because they want to know about you. Do not leave them hanging. Make sure to include everything that you have achieved so far. It is a good thing to include some personal information too. This will make them feel like they know the people behind the scenes, it will give them a sense of familiarity.

One good Facebook page management idea is to include information about how else they can contact you. Maybe include links to your social media accounts. Having information about yourself and your company makes you trustworthy.

2. Not using Facebook insights to learn about your audience

As a company, it’s very important to keep track of information about your audience. Data is everything. Facebook keeps information about the people who visited your page, how many times they visited it and how long they stayed on that page.

This will give you information about your users, and how many people are interested in your venture. This kind of Facebook page management will let you make important decisions regarding your product.

3. Posting too much

Posting too much in your page, as everyone is already aware is exasperating. It makes you seem eager and irritable. This is most definitely not what you want. This could actually be counter-productive. You could lose your clients because they thought you were annoying.

Make a timetable about how much you will post and how regular it will be. It is advisable to not post boring content. Make it interesting, put some color in it. Try to incorporate pictures and videos in your content.

4. Not experimenting with 10% of your budget

Get out of your comfort zone. You’ve heard this a million times. Implemented it, quite possibly never. It is a gutsy decision and one you should take to get ahead of the competition.

5. Ignoring complaints

This is one mistake you should never commit. When your viewers give you feedback or complaints, take them into account, reply to them politely. People on the internet have an uncanny ability to be colorful with their insults. Do not lose your cool. Reply and provide help to anyone who asks. This will maintain customer satisfaction.

There are so many things that can differentiate between good and great content.  As a content writer, you should be in the position of avoiding the silly little things that could cost your company a great deal.

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